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Several years ago, finding a great burger on Maui seemed a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so Tootsie and Chef Bonny took matters into their own hands creating their own line of gourmet, signature burgers. Through experimentation, trial and error they developed the perfect patty mix – one that would burst your taste buds with every bite!

But there was one problem: Bonny was not satisfied with just a perfect patty, she insisted on adding UMAME flavors, marking the birth of the original Korean Burger: a buttery brioche bun, ko chu jang aioli, our signature patty, housemade (not too spicy) kim chee, crispy sweet fried onions, and a kalbi glaze. That was back in 2011, now, several years later they have grown from a tent on the corner of Market Street, to a full restaurant and bar with a full roster of gourmet burgers, plates and specialty items that are delicious and unique in everyway.

Every dish that leaves the kitchen of Fatt Chicks is put out with the utmost care, because of the talent, aloha and panache of Chef Bonny & Tootsie.

Bonny Davis

Chef & Co-Owner

Hailing from Maui, Hawai’i, Chef Bonny Davis’ formal training came through the acclaimed Culinary Arts and Food Service Management program of Kapiolani Community College. It was during those years that Bonny began shaping the style that would later define her career.

Upon graduation, Chef Bonny expanded her training in San Francisco before returning home to merge her Bay Area experience with the local food she most enjoys. A true pioneer in her field, Bonny is also co-owner of Savory Palate Hawaii, a personal chef and catering company she started with her wife Tootsie. Then, in 2011, Chef Bonny developed the original “Korean burger” serving as the first building block for Maui’s renowned Fatt Chicks burgers.

Tootsie Namuo Davis

Co-Owner & Director of Operations

Tootsie brings food and party savvy to the team as an accomplished event planner and an experienced home-style cook. She maintains an infectious passion about service, presentation, and customer satisfaction that she shares with their team of servers and cooks.

With over 20 years of event planning experience, Tootsie knows that the difference between a good experience and a great one is determined by the total experience of their customers, and that pride is evident throughout their organization. Every team member takes pride in the service of Chef Bonny’s creations, as modeled by Tootsie every day. So whether you are coming in for one of the original burgers, daily specials, or tasty pupus, be sure to say “aloha” to Tootsie when you arrive – always there to welcome you home like an old friend, because at Fatt Chicks, everyone is welcome and invited.

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